Where the Hell Did My Apps Go on LinkedIn?

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And other questions about the new LinkedIn User Interface!

Well – according to the letter MOST of us got yesterday, we will all have the new User Interface – well – today!(December 11th, 2012)

If you have not yet done so – read this article on the new UI and what it can do for you! (http://linkedintobusiness.com/the-new-new-new-linkedin-profile-revealed/)



Or watch video below

LinkedIn Events

To answer your question, “Where the hell did events go?”  Well – they are just gone.  LinkedIn decided they were chaff and threw them away.  Personally I liked LinkedIn Events even though I suppose they didn’t work like they were meant to and people rarely looked at or used them.  But the folks who did use Events really liked them.  Ah well.

LinkedIn Applications

Another question I keep getting asked is: “Where the hell did my apps go?”  I’m not sure why LinkedIn chose to “hide” them on us  - but here are the apps that are left:

  • My Travel by TripIt

  • Legal Updates by JD Supra

  • Portfolio Display by Behance

  • SlideShare Presentations by SlideShare

  • WordPress by Automatic

And here's  a link to help you place them in your profile (http://help.linkedin.com/app/answers/detail/a_id/34326)

How to manage the apps that are left.

Legal Updates by JD Supra

LinkedIn is actively working with JD Supra to integrate the content from your JD Supra portfolio into your new LinkedIn profile. Expect to hear from JD Supra directly as they make this switch.

In the meantime, if you’ve been posting your documents via the "Legal Updates" app, you can continue to update your network with your latest content by logging into your account on JD Supra.

Personally I have no idea why they are making us take MORE steps when the general trend is to make things easier on the member - but  - oh well.

Portfolio Display by Behance

Any of your Behance content you’ve uploaded using the Portfolio Display application will be automatically migrated to the Summary section (What!!!!????) of your new LinkedIn profile.  If you were a user of this application, you should receive an invite to opt into the new profile design shortly.  (If you were not and you have the old interface - get signed up now!)

SlideShare Presentations by SlideShare

Any SlideShare content you’ve uploaded using the SlideShare Presentations application will be automatically migrated to the Summary section of your profile (WHat!!!???)  If you want PPTS or video in your profile you better get to this now!

Lawyer Ratings by LexisNexis

With this new platform, applications such as the Lawyers Rating Application by LexisNexis®Martindale-Hubbell® will no longer be supported. This application icon will no longer display on your LinkedIn profile. Be on the look-out for the next generation Ratings application from LexisNexis®Martindale-Hubbell® available in the near future.

WordPress by Automatic

If you self-host your WordPress site, you can enable auto posting to LinkedIn through the Jetpack plugin from Automatic.

If your site is on WordPress.com, simply enable the Publicize setting for LinkedIn from your WordPress.com Dashboard.



Since I wrote this post a friend received this letter from box.net - so apparently that app is also available:
Recently, LinkedIn announced its new profile design that replaces the current inApps platform with a new method for viewing content like documents, presentations and videos.

You likely received a message from LinkedIn as well, but we wanted to be sure that as a user of the former Box inApp you know the best way to display and share a Box file on your new profile.

After opting in to the new profile type, you’ll be able to easily add a specific Box file. To get started, copy and paste the file’s direct link in the LinkedIn professional gallery on the page. Find the direct link by previewing the file as you normally would in Box, selecting File Options > Share > Get Link to File and then clicking on Direct Link to generate the URL. Paste it directly in the LinkedIn professional gallery. Repeat the same steps for other files you’d like to add to your profile.

Note that the LinkedIn professional gallery supports a limited set of file types, so check the Box support site if you experience any issues adding a file to your profile. We hope you enjoy the new way to share your important files from Box on LinkedIn.

The Box Team

LinkedIn giveth - LinkedIn taketh away

In my book LinkedIn Marketing:  An Hour a Day, I forecasted that LinkedIn was going to get a little friendlier about adding media - and it seems that this has come to pass!  LinkedIn Applications has been replaced with a new feature that lets you add media links to images, presentations, videos, and documents on your profile. So that is a great consolation prize.

Here’s how you can add rich media links to your profile (http://help.linkedin.com/app/answers/detail/a_id/34325)

If you have the newly redesigned profile, you may now add examples of your work with media links to a video, image, document or presentation.

The media links may be added to the Summary, Education and Experience sections:

  1. Click Profile at the top of your homepage.

  2. Click Edit in the top section of your profile.

  3. Scroll down to the section where you want to add content and click the add media link (it looks like a square with a plus sign). Move your cursor over the link and you will see, “Add a link to a video, image, document, presentation…”.

  4. Type or paste the link to your content into the Add a link field that appears. A picture of your content will then display with pre-filled Title and Description fields.

  5. Click Save.

Note: It may take several seconds for this to happen. You can edit the content in these fields if you wish.

But wait – there’s more!

Here’s a list of the new Profile Media Link Providers

Click here for the comprehensive list:  http://help.linkedin.com/app/answers/detail/a_id/34327

According to Linkedin,  the types of media listed above can be used in your LinkedIn profile. These are the official sources  - but its possible that more providers may work. All media links must have a public URL to be added to your profile.

What's next?

Who knows what else LinkedIn will throw at us, so I will keep updating this post as I discover new things about the newest user interface release.  Visit this blog often as well as LinkedIn's blog at blog.linkedin.com/

Also – follow me on Twitter @LinkedInExpert where I will quickly post any changes – and of course feel free to connect with me on LinkedIn as a friend or colleague at www.linkedin.com/in/linkedinexpert

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